IndigoVision scales security management for multiple sites, many IP cameras

Sept. 5, 2012
The latest release of IndigoVision’s security management platform, SMS4 release 6, delivers superior scalability tailored for customers with multiple sites and large numbers of cameras.

The latest release of IndigoVision’s security management platform, SMS4 release 6, is designed to provide superior scalability for customers with multiple sites and large numbers of IP surveillance cameras. The company says the application has been re-designed for more flexible administrative capability while still retaining its operational ease of use. Via the application administrators can now configure security management locally, wherever they happen to physically be, while writing to the platform's database simultaneously. Sophisticated configuration options maximize access while ensuring central management.

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According to the company, the new version of SMS4 is optimized for greater management control, enabling local administrators to log on to specific areas to make changes relating to their site, while retaining system-wide visibility. Organizations that span multi-site locations each site can thereby configure locally to reflect local priorities, while overall system control is retained at a central location. Local configuration within SMS4 also enables greater system-wide versatility, which can have direct organizational benefits, contends the company, enabling administrators to work on the system concurrently and at any number of locations.

The revised SMS4 platform also improves support for functions such as importing detailed maps in multiple formats, with greater alarm and bookmark functionality to improve flexibility for alarm verification and escalation. Open-system support for third-party cameras is also maintained. Owing to the platform's proprietary distributed architecture, any system component can be added at any point on the IP network, including network video recorders (NVRs) and video workstations. Target applications include projects in airports, ports, rail, traffic, cities, banking, mining, retail, casinos, police, prisons and government.

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