Smart thermal analytics meets automatic PTZ control for perimeter security intrusion detection

SightLogix, a manufacturer of smart thermal cameras for perimeter security applications, is showcasing its latest outdoor thermal video analytics technology at ASIS 2012.

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SightLogix, a manufacturer of smart thermal cameras for perimeter security applications, is showcasing its latest outdoor thermal video analytics technology at ASIS 2012 in Philadelphia, PA (Sept. 10-13). In the company's booth, visitors can see a live demonstration of the SightLogix system, which the company claims provides superior intruder detection and hands-free PTZ control at lower costs than less capable perimeter security approaches.

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In its booth #2756 at ASIS, SightLogix is displaying its full range of products including:

-- The Thermal SightSensor, an IP video analytics camera that the overcomes previous challenges for thermal imaging during daytime and hot weather, as asserted by the company, to deliver accurate outdoor video analytics and clearest thermal images at mainstream prices. The camera is billed as bringing thermal analytic capabilities to a wider market, with pricing per meter comparable to costs of fence sensors and visible cameras with analytics. SightLogix says this balance has been achieved by doubling the camera's on-board image processing, reducing the costs of the electronics and housing, and streamlining manufacturing.

-- The SightTracker hands-free pan-tilt-zoom controller, which automatically steers PTZ cameras to zoom and follow detected targets using the GPS information from a SightSensor.

-- The Video Security Trailer (VST), a self-contained, rapidly deployable perimeter security platform outfitted for temporary or long-term surveillance applications. The VST is positioned for temporary perimeter security applications and can then be re-deployed to other locations. The VST kit is equipped with SightSensor detection cameras, electronic pan/tilt positioning units, solar panels, backup batteries, and optional wireless communications. Two people can quickly deploy and set up an automated video intrusion detection system within 30 minutes in most situations.

-- The Clear24 thermal camera, which the company contends "sets a benchmark" for thermal image quality, providing more image detail even in conditions of rain, snow, fog, wind or humidity. The value-priced camera adapts to any environment to provide clear thermal image detail, overcoming the limitations of thermal imaging during daytime and hot weather.

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-- The SightMonitor target mapping and configuration software, which overlays camera positions, detected alarms and locations and camera fields-of-view onto a geo-positioned map of the surveillance area for situational awareness.

“Securing large outdoor areas around critical assets requires a cost-effective solution that delivers high detection accuracy and trusted performance,” comments John Romanowich, president and CEO of SightLogix. “SightLogix thermal solutions provide new levels of image detail that automatically displays the location and nature of a threat in real-time for effective and timely response.”

SightLogix system components are enclosed within ruggedized, NEMA 4X housings to withstand extreme weather and climate conditions, providing many years of service.

For more information on SightLogix perimeter security and outdoor surveillance solutions, call (609) 951-0008, email or visit

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