Technology advancements re-shaping perimeter security market, finds study

June 4, 2012
IMS Research notes that improvements in technology are changing the way in which perimeter security equipment is deployed on-site.

In a new report covering the world market for electronic perimeter security equipment, IMS Research provides a greater understanding of the relationship between technology and key industry verticals. Selection of the best electronic perimeter security equipment is formidable and demanding, notes IMS, and with the perimeter marking the first line of defense against unwanted intruders, it’s pivotal that the correct equipment is chosen -- and that it is able to withstand complex challenges posed by variable site conditions.

“Two end-user industries with unique circumstances, and thus opportunity, are renewable energy facilities and water utilities,” comments the report's author and IMS Research analyst Lily Aung. “Renewable energy sites are expected to see increased demand for photovoltaic systems on the back of government subsidies and a number of large solar farm projects. Being in remote locations, the solar farms present ample opportunity for perimeter protection equipment due to the high value equipment found on the premises.”

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According to the report, improvements in technology are also changing the way in which perimeter security equipment is deployed on-site. The increasing commercialization of thermal imaging cameras for general perimeter security, and increased uptake in buried cable are two examples of this technology transformation.

Aung adds, “Historically the largest markets for thermal imaging cameras has been in the government space, but the advent of uncooled thermal imaging cameras, at a lower price point, is increasing the adoption rate of thermal imaging cameras used for perimeter security. Growth in the buried cable market stems largely from its appeal as a hidden sensor that will either detect using seismic or volumetric technology.”

The transition to incorporate and integrate mature and leading-edge technology is re-shaping the future of the perimeter security market, concludes the report. New product combinations are being used to improve capture rates, promote real-time detection and enhance prompt identification and response. With many verticals looking to coordinate security at the perimeter, the market is well-positioned for strong growth over the medium-term. More information is available here.

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