Survey: Implementing IP surveillance a higher priority for mid-sized companies

June 4, 2012
A survey conducted by Compass Intelligence shows 24 percent of companies with 250 to 499 employees consider the implementation of IP surveillance to be a priority for 2012.

A survey of more than 2,500 IT and telecom decision makers, conducted late last year by Compass Intelligence, showed that mid-sized companies - those with between 250 and 499 employees - view IP surveillance's improvement to physical security as a higher priority than companies that are larger (500-999 employees) and smaller (100-249 employees).

The survey gauged business IT's priorities for the year 2012. The results showed that 24 percent of mid-sized businesses (250-499 employees) indicated that "Improving physical security using IP surveillance" was a priority for the year 2012. Also in that survey, 20 percent of larger companies (500-999 employees) and 19 percent of smaller companies (100-249 employees) indicated that objective as a priority.

Another objective raised in the survey turned out to be more of a priority the smaller the companies got. When asked about whether or not they have plans to "Increase use of video communications/conferencing," 27 percent of smaller companies said it is a priority, while 22 percent of mid-sized companies and 20 percent of larger-sized companies did.

The headline for Compass Intelligence was that "Increasing data security" won the day across the board, with 50 percent of larger companies, 45 percent of mid-sized companies and 42 percent of smaller-sized companies saying that doing so is a priority for the current year.

The chart at the bottom of this page was produced by Compass Intelligence based on the survey results. Those results are summarized in this post on Compass Intelligence managing partner Stephanie Atkinson's blog, which is entitled "The Pulse of the Market."

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