Positioning device automatically steers PTZ camera

The SightTracker PTZ camera can integrate with, and be controlled by, ULISSE positioning devices.

SightLogix's SightTracker PTZ camera now integrates with Videotec's ULISSE line of positioning devices.
SightLogix's SightTracker PTZ camera now integrates with Videotec's ULISSE line of positioning devices.

SightLogix recently announced that its SightTracker pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera controller integrates with Videotec’s ULISSE line of positioning devices. The integration provides users with “an accurate and cost-effective video security solution for comprehensive detection, tracking and assessment over outdoor areas,” SightLogix said.

The company’s president and chief executive officer, John Romanowich, said, “Security managers need fast, detailed information about the location and nature of an intrusion in real time. The integration of SightLogix SightTracker with Videotec’s position systems provides the necessary domain awareness that is critical for accurate perimeter intrusion detection.”

SightTracker, its manufacturer explains, auto-steers PTZ cameras to follow detected targets for greater detail without any human intervention. Targets are visually displayed on the customer’s video management system with great detail, SightLogix adds, while the target’s location is presented on the SightMonitor map or a physical security information management (PSIM) system. The result is a comprehensive security solution that provides the “what and where” of an intrusion for making fast decisions while capturing the event for evidence, the company continues.

The company points to multiple installations of the integrated system as confirmation of its performance in real-world deployments. At a Canadian oil-refining facility, for example, fixed SightSensor video analytic thermal cameras provide long-range detection around the refinery’s perimeter, while SightTrackers automatically steer Videotec ULISSE IR360 cameras with infrared illuminators to light the target. The combination of systems, SightLogix notes, creates a complete thermal detection and assessment solution over large outdoor areas without visible lighting.

The company adds that similar systems protect substations in Europe for detecting intruders entering the facilities while also sending alerts when on-site personnel get too close to high-voltage equipment. In these applications, detection combines with real-time video assessment to ensure security and safety requirements are met.

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