Industrial-grade PoE switch suits security applications

Oct. 17, 2012
Comtrol has added the RocketLinx ES7510-XT switch to its Power over Ethernet switch product line.

Comtrol has added the RocketLinx ES7510-XT switch to its Power over Ethernet switch product line. The fully managed industrial-grade rack mount switch is equipped with eight 10/100BASE-TX PoE Plus ports and two Gigabit Ethernet RJ45/SFP combo ports. Featuring a rugged design for harsh environments, plus intuitive web, CLI, SNMP management options, power scheduling and eight fully-compliant IEEE 802.3at PoE injector ports, the ES7510-XT is easily installed in industrial settings and traffic cabinets supporting even the most power intensive devices such as IP cameras with heaters and PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) controls, according to Comtrol.

“Comtrol developed the RocketLinx ES7510-XT to assist our customers in traffic, industrial and security applications that require integration of high power PoE devices with the management features and SFP fiber optic flexibility found in our RocketLinx industrial managed switch line,” says Rob Iten, Director of Marketing at Comtrol. “The full PoE Plus support combined with a wide operating temperature range, advanced power scheduling features, and easy setup and management capabilities provide a truly flexible platform for integrating PoE devices in traffic cabinets and industrial settings.”

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The Comtrol RocketLinx ES7510-XT is designed to meet the high power and advanced management needs of critical traffic applications such as real-time IP video surveillance and wireless communication utilizing outdoor-rated IP cameras and high power IEEE 802.11 access points. In addition to functioning as a PoE power source, the ES7510-XT includes advanced device controls, ensuring that power consumption does not exceed parameters defined by the user. The switch also features a wide -40° to +74°C operating temperature and NEMA TS2 rating, making the switch an ideal solution for use in traffic applications.

In addition to the full array of management capabilities, the ES7510-XT also supports advanced security features to protect the network and guarantee secure, reliable data transmission. Fault relay and e-mail notification of event alarms, DHCP supporting IP and MAC binding, IEEE 802.1X network access control, SSH, and many other controls are included to make secure administration and management a simple task.

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