Rio’s metro system upgrades to IP video

MetroRio added 141 fixed IP cameras and 21 PTZ cameras to its network of 700 analog cameras.

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IP-video technology provider IndigoVision recently announced its products have been selected by MetroRio, Rio de Janeiro’s metro system, to update the transportation system’s surveillance system. MetroRio’s chief information officer Newton Werneck credited IndigoVision’s “image quality” and its system’s “distributed architecture” as factors that will enable the surveillance system to grow as the metro system grows.

The surveillance system includes 141 fixed IP cameras, 21 pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras and approximately 700 existing analog cameras, which have been integrated into the system using IndigoVision encoders. Also, an IndigoVision NVR-AS 3000 network video recorder resides at each station.

The manufacturer says its system’s storage capability will be an asset to MetroRio. “Compared to other IP video systems, storage requirements are significantly reduced thanks to advanced compression technology and the use of the unique Activity Controlled Framerate [ACF] feature, which is built into the IP cameras,” IndigoVision notes. “ACF regulates the framerate of the video stream according to the motion in a particular scene. When there is no activity, video is streamed at minimal framerate; the instant any motion is detected, video is simultaneously transmitted at the maximum configured framerate. This responsiveness provides both greater detail for analysis and also allows for economy of data storage.”

The company adds that its distributed architecture eliminates the need for a central server, which means that the surveillance system can expand rapidly when necessary.

MetroRio covers 47 kilometers (29 miles), divided into two lines and 35 stations. It continues to be built out, with completion expected in 2016.

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