BSRIA: Only 1 crime solved for every 1000 installed CCTV cameras in the UK

Researcher says poor image quality is to blame for such a low success rate, which is driving demand for technological improvement in all aspects of surveillance systems.

In a release announcing the availability of its latest study on the worldwide market for electronic security systems, BSRIA made an eye-opening comment about the installed base of CCTV/surveillance cameras in the United Kingdom.

"The UK is the most surveyed country in Europe with an estimated 4.25 million CCTV cameras," BSRIA said. "Despite this, because of the low quality image delivered by the majority of the installed base of cameras only one crime is solved for every 1,000 cameras. (Emphasis added.) This is driving demand for technological improvement of all aspects of the systems."

BSRIA further explains that the industry as a whole has moved toward digital and networked systems and megapixel cameras, and is addressing issues related to digital video evidence and common communication protocols among different manufacturers' products.

A summary of the study's findings will be published as an article in the May 2012 issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine. Among the information in that article will be the following.

  • Video analytics is the fastest-growing segment of the North American security software market.
  • In China, the market for IP cameras is about half that for analog cameras.
  • The supply chain through which video systems reach users can vary widely by region. For example, in the Middle East, 50 percent of the products are sold through distributors. In the Asia/Pacific region, 56 percent of products are sold through installers/VARs.
  • Brazilian CCTV and access-control markets are expected to grow at a rate exceeding 18 percent per year in the period 2011-2015, in the runup to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

You can find more detailed information on BSRIA's Electronic Security Systems World Study here.

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