Multimedia cable aims for building intelligence

The hybrid cable from Draka can be customized to combine combinations of twisted-pair and fiber-optic media along with coaxial constructions.

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A new multimedia indoor cable from Draka supports cable TV, voice, and data transmission within a single sheath. The company says it's a cable that can pave the way for future intelligent buildings.

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Within that single sheath are two cores; one contains four, Category 6 unshielded twisted pairs and a bend-insensitive singlemode optical fiber. The other core includes a customizable CATV-style coaxial construction. The company said, "Draka's CATV cables can be customized to meet local or regional specifications and can be produced on-demand with Draka's flexible manufacturing processes. For example, Draka has now merged a Cat 7/FTP element with two BendBrightSX singlemode fibers."

"We're excited about this new hybrid indoor cable because it open the door for the preparation of smart, intelligently wired buildings, allowing architects, engineers, and planners to foresee requirements for evolving multiple media and service platforms," said Zorn Borcic, EMEA product manager with Draka Data Products. "This cross-platform hybrid solution provides immediate access to high-speed Internet, TV, security cameras, and voice communications while laying a long-term foundation for forthcoming multimedia, security, and data services."

The company says the cable can fulfill connectivity requirements in homes, offices, and public buildings.

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