Milestone releases XProtect Professional 7.0

The new version of the software supports up to 64 cameras simultaneously, and over 885 models of network cameras and encoders.

COPENHAGEN -- Open platform IP video management software provider Milestone Systems has released its XProtect Professional version 7.0. The updated software supports up to 64 cameras simultaneously, and over 885 models of network cameras and encoders from more than 80 video hardware manufacturers.

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Key features in this version of the software, according to Milestone, include:

* A new and intuitive management application for easy system maintenance and control.

* Configuration wizards and auto device discovery for fast camera setups .

* XProtect Smart Client 5.0, a user-friendly interface with new features such as Sequence Explorer, Overlay buttons and Instant Playback.

* The Milestone archiving model, which allows customers to reduce the high cost of video storage by using fast local disks for capturing short-term recordings and affordable network storage for mass-scale, long-term archiving.

* The ability to incorporate value-adding integrations with other systems.

Currently over 250 Milestone Solution Partners are registered for the new software version, who have integrated their security and vertical business systems with XProtect open platform IP video management software. Milestone provides a well-documented Software Development Kit (SDK) with Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to achieve these integrations.

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“XProtect Professional is a really good solution for medium-sized businesses looking to integrate with video analytics or other systems like Point of Sale and access control solutions. The Milestone open platform is a robust foundation for just this kind of system expansion that continues to add more value over time,” says Christian Bohn, Head of Product Development at Milestone Systems.

XProtect Professional is available with a Product Maintenance Agreement (PMA) that ensures the ability to upgrade to the newest versions of the software as they are released. For more info, visit

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