Input sought for IP video analytics spec

The PSIA is taking comments until August 13, after which it will issue a final spec.

The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance currently is seeking input and feedback on Draft 0.9 of its Video Analytics specification. The spec defines a means to rexceive, store and use analytic output. PSIA says the standard addresses event output including security, counting and health alerts, as well as object streaming metadata output. It also addresses foundational analytic output associated with tracked objects, as well as classification, bounding box data, velocities and color.

The draft spec is available for review and public comment until August 13, 2010. Reviewers must register in order to see the document.

Once the public-comment period ends, the comments will be assessed before a final, Version 1.0 spec will be issued.

Access the Version 0.9 specification here.

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