Enclosures protect IP-security equipment

April 15, 2010
New offerings from Chatsworth protect the equipment that protects the enterprise.

The Physical Security Solutions product line from Chatsworth Products includes the DVR Security Enlcosure, CUBE-iT Mini Equipment Enclosure, and Wall Bracket with Cover. This suite of products is designed to safely support and protect DVRs, servers, and other devices. "These solutions provide the proper structural support needed to ensure the security and safety of DVRs, servers, and other electronic security devices outside of equipment rooms or where space is limited," Chatsworth said when announcing the products.

The DVR Security Enclosure is available in small, medium, and large sizes. It protects DVRs and other security equipment from acidental damage, theft, or vandalism when positioned outside an equipment room. The enclosure is made of steel and features a hinged locking front door with an optional plexiglass window. Each enclosure includes a removable top panel and cable knockouts to enable access to equipment and cabling. Its vented sides and the accessory fan kit increase equipment ventilation, Chatsworth noted, adding the enclosure can be used on a countertop or shelf, or in conjunction with the wall-mount kit for larger enclosures.

CUBE-iT is a mini equipment enclosure that secures 8U of 19-inch rack-mount DVRs, servers, and other electronic security equipment. Like the DVR Security Enclosure, it includes a hinged, locking front door. The CUBE-iT has a perforated panel and hinged locking rear door with three grommet-protected cable access ports. Vents located along the sides and on the rear door help ventilate equipment, and an optional Intelligent Fan Kit can be added for increased airflow. The product can be installed on a floor, countertop, or shelf.

The Wall Bracket with Cover allows 2 or 4U of 19-inch rack-mount equipment to be securely wall-mounted inside or outside of the equipment room. The bracket includes a removable cover to protect devices, while open ends and vents along the sides supply airflow. The bracket contains mounting rails that incrementally adjust in depth to accommodate various equipment sizes. A slot located on the bracket's rear provides cable access when cables penetrate the wall; attachment points for securing cables are located on the bracket's bottom.

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