PCTEL simplifies public safety coverage verification for building occupancy

Sept. 29, 2017
New indoor grid testing feature automatically generates reports required by local jurisdictions.

PCTEL, Inc. (NASDAQ: PCTI), a specialist in "performance-critical telecom solutions," has announced its new indoor grid RF testing tool, designed to help building owners meet public safety coverage requirements.

Per PCTEL, "In many jurisdictions in the United States, building owners must verify public safety network coverage with grid testing in order to acquire or maintain an occupancy permit. PCTEL’s indoor grid testing feature for its tablet-based SeeHawk Touch software simplifies the data collection and reporting process, automatically generating reports that conform to most local requirements."

The company notes that "grid testing can be a time-consuming and error prone process that requires experienced personnel. Engineers often use pen and paper to prepare test plans, execute tests, record results, and create reports. PCTEL’s solution uses tablet-based SeeHawk Touch software and a PCTEL scanning receiver such as the IBflex to integrate all phases of the grid testing process."

PCTEL’s indoor grid testing tool includes pre-configured reporting for the most common public safety coverage requirements, based on National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) or International Fire Code (IFC) standards. It also supports custom reporting, including for non-public safety applications such as radio over IP.

“PCTEL scanning receivers are highly adaptable test and measurement tools. By addressing market needs with innovative solutions like our SeeHawk Touch-based indoor grid testing tool, PCTEL brings additional value to customers with existing scanning receivers,” said Jim Zik, Vice President of Product Management, PCTEL RF Solutions. “Government agencies can also use PCTEL’s grid testing tool to perform thorough public safety coverage inspections more efficiently,” added Zik.

PCTEL demonstrated the new SeeHawk Touch grid testing feature along with its other RF test and measurement solutions at the recent 2017 BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas (September 25-27).

“Over the last year, we’ve seen greater demand for indoor grid testing, as public safety coverage requirements have become much more stringent,” asserts Jason Chambers, Service Manager, Day Wireless Systems. “Based on preliminary trials, we expect PCTEL’s new system to reduce the time we spend on indoor grid testing and report generation by 70%.”

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