SecuriTest IP tests, troubleshoots digital and analog surveillance systems

March 28, 2018
The new tester from Ideal Networks also can supply power to a camera via PoE, alleviating the need to take a number of pieces of test equipment to the jobsite.

Ideal Networks recently announced the pre-order availability of SecuriTest IP, which can test and troubleshoot CCTV surveillance systems. When announcing the tester, the company explained it “can be connected quickly and easily to any IP or analog camera via built-in RJ-45, WiFi and BNC ports.” Ideal added that incorporating all the functions that it does, SecuriTest IP alleviates an installer’s or technician’s need “to take a myriad of different testing equipment to each installation or maintenance job.”

The tester has a 7-inch built-in high-resolution touchscreen and “simple use functions,” the company added. “In addition, the self-contained tester can supply power to cameras via Power over Ethernet or standard 12V DC power using its internal Li-Ion battery. The long-life battery provides up to 10 hours continuous usage, but technicians can also pass PoE directly from the switch on an active network to a connected camera, reducing battery consumption.” Ideal points out that in either scenario, the SecuriTest IP removes the need to use external power adapters and injectors.

“With numerous types of CCTV cameras, plus many different configurations and methods, installation and troubleshooting can be time-intensive and complicated,” the company said. “However, to help save time and boost productivity, SecuriTest IP offers automated camera connectivity via the QuickIP function. This allows even novice technicians to connect and configure IP cameras as quickly and easily as their analog counterparts. Using the ubiquitous ONVIF protocol, SecuriTest IP can connect to cameras from virtually every manufacturer without the need for proprietary software for each vendor.”

The tester also offers camera setup tools “to ensure the camera is installed correctly, reducing installation and maintenance time,” Ideal said. “Common analog and digital video products, including H.264, H.265 and MJPEG, are supported to ensure broad camera compatibility with one tester.

“Using either the touchscreen or keypad, camera information, network settings, aim and focus can all easily be configured, even for 4K camera systems,” Ideal continued. “Additionally, PTZ presets can be programmed into the camera during installation before the headend equipment is in place, further reducing total installation time. To demonstrate PTZ coverage to clients, real-time video clips can be recorded and sent to clients. Plus, multiple still-images of each location preset can be stored and attached to reports, giving technicians a better way to prove performance.”

Among the tester’s other reporting tools is the ability to capture camera images and network configurations, and provide documentation as PDFs.

“As well as providing a user-friendly solution to common installation and troubleshooting needs, SecuriTest IP also caters to many more advanced testing requirements,” the company noted. “Cable tracing, length, wiremap and quality testing is possible for twisted-pair cabling to help determine and pinpoint common cabling faults.”

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