PODCAST: IP security and access control focus with Alcatraz AI

May 25, 2023
Alcatraz AI CEO Tina D'Agostin discusses the company's flagship touchless access control technology, "the Rock," which leverages facial biometrics for authentication, in the context of the larger physical security market for smart buildings.

For this episode of The Cabling Podcast, we interview Alcatraz AI CEO Tina D'Agostin to discuss the company's flagship "hardware as a service" platform incorporating its facial biometrics access control technology. Dubbed the Rock, the platform aims to transform building security by leveraging robust artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities.

Alcatraz AI says the Rock enables building networks to make powerful decisions at the edge, where an individual's face becomes the key security credential.

As further stated by Alcatraz AI on its website: "The Rock is an all-in-one device that combines facial biometrics, AI, and machine learning for greater security and less friction. Prevent unauthorized access, detect tailgaters, increase efficiency, and comply with privacy laws such as BIPA, CCPA, and GDPR."

During the podcast, the proprietary hardware technology is discussed by D'Agostin, previously an executive at Johnson Controls, in the context of the larger physical access control technology market for smart buildings.

In a recent article for CI&M's sibling publication, Smart Buildings Technology, D'Agostin noted:

"Almost all physical access control companies are now working to either create or integrate touchless authentication into their systems. Technology once seen as a 'nice-to-have' or complementary feature for a security system is now viewed as a 'must-have' in extraordinarily high demand. This is a technology that’s connected to everything from confirming access based on employment records, to serving as a way to permit or deny access based on vaccine requirements to enter a premise."

This discussion originally appeared in a recent edition of Endeavor Business Media's Smart Buildings Technology Podcast.

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