Tool-Less Accessories Provide the Motivation You Need for Great Cable Management

March 26, 2017
Motive™ Cable Management pioneers new way of managing cables with unparalleled, tool-less design.

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Motive™ Vertical Cable Manager has been raved about since its introduction in October. The central track and accompanying tool-less cable management accessories included with Motive allow for unlimited adjustability while providing direct support for cable bundles, all features that are unprecedented in the industry.

Through breakthrough design and tool-less adjustability, every Motive accessory enhances the user experience and promotes intuitive use. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use each of Motive’s unique and innovative cable management accessories.

The four accessories that come with Motive include:

Accessory Rod Assembly

Accessory Rod Assembly attaches to the central track at any point, using a thumbscrew for quick vertical adjustment. Use the Accessory Rod with Motive's other tool-less cable management accessories for infinite adjustment anywhere within the cable management space.

Cable Bundle Swivel Kit

Designated to accommodate up to 3/4-inch wide hook-and-loop fasteners, Cable Bundle Swivels add flexibility and enhance cable bundle support. They can be used anywhere on the central track or Accessory Rod Assembly, as well as multiple points on the Rotating Management Finger.

Rotating Management Finger Kit

Rotating Management Fingers position anywhere front-to-back along the Accessory Rod Assembly to secure and isolate cable bundles. They rotate and lock into position every 45 degrees, and accommodate up to four Cable Bundle Swivels, providing cable support where needed.

Half Spool Kit

Half Spools attach to the Accessory Rod Assembly. Up to four Half Spools can be used on a single Accessory Rod for configurable cable slack management.

For more information on CPI’s Motive Cable Management System, go to the product page. Also, watch the video below for details on Motive’s tool-less accessories.

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