Fiber Broadband Association elects new leaders

Katie Espeseth, VP of new products at broadband service provider EPB, became the association's board chair on January 1, 2020, for the year.

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The Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) on Dec. 11 announced that Katie Espeseth will serve as Chair of the Board for a one-year term beginning January 1, 2020. Espeseth has over 30 years of marketing and telecommunications experience and currently serves as Vice President of New Products at EPB.

Mark Boxer, Technical Applications Engineering Manager of OFS was elected to the Board for the first time and Kevin Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer of Clearfield and Joanne Hovis, President of CTC Technology & Energy, were both re-elected to the Board. The 2020 Management Committee was also elected: Katie Espeseth of EPB will serve as Chair; Gary Bolton of ADTRAN as Vice-Chair; Gregg Logan of Telapex, Inc. as Secretary; and Kevin Morgan of Clearfield as Treasurer.

“Congratulations to our new Chair Katie Espeseth and to our new and returning Board members,” said Lisa R. Youngers, President and CEO of FBA. “I am thankful for their commitment to propelling deployment of all-fiber networks to better connect the world. I look forward to working closely with Katie and the Board to advance the Fiber Broadband Association’s mission in the years to come.”

The full 2020 FBA Board of Directors includes:

  • Chair: Katie Espeseth, Vice President of New Products, EPB
  • Vice-Chair: Gary Bolton, Vice President of Global Marketing, ADTRAN
  • Secretary: Gregg Logan, Vice President of Engineering, Telapex, Inc. (corporate parent of the C Spire companies)
  • Treasurer: Kevin Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer, Clearfield
  • Mark Boxer, Technical Manager – Solutions and Applications Engineering, OFS
  • Teles Fremin, Director, LUS Fiber
  • Michael Hill, CEO, On Trac, Inc.
  • Joanne Hovis, President, CTC Technology & Energy
  • Joe Jensen, Americas Market Development Manager, Corning Incorporated

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