Leviton smartens IEC pin & sleeve devices for harsh industrial environments

Aug. 20, 2020
Leviton has introduced its LEV Series IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve devices featuring the company's innovative, proprietary Inform technology.
Leviton Industrial

Leviton has announced the official launch of its LEV Series IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 Pin & Sleeve devices with the company's Inform technology. The launch includes 30 Amp and 60 Amp plugs, connectors, receptacles, inlets, backboxes and mechanical interlocks manufactured in North America and designed to simplify installation, endure the harshest environments, and improve safety and productivity.

"After years of dedication to the industrial space and working directly with our customers, we've developed a new line of IEC 60309 pin and sleeve devices that deliver on our commitment to safety, performance and innovation," says Michael Mattei, vice president and general manager, Leviton Commercial & Industrial. Mattei adds, "These devices are ideal for customers in a variety of industrial environments, including manufacturing, food and beverage processing, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), temporary and portable power applications, mining, entertainment venues and fast-food environments."

Notably, the LEV Series pin and sleeve devices are available with Leviton's new Inform technology. Inform is a technology platform that enables Leviton products to provide real-time product data to the end-user. The Inform technology also provides a range of feature sets which vary according to the specific product within the LEV Series product family. The data provided through the platform is ultimately used to improve safety, efficiency and productivity.

Per Leviton:

"The ability to monitor device health and operating status (also known as condition monitoring) is the foundational principle behind Inform technology. The application of Inform technology on the pin and sleeve devices can be as simple as an on-device warning to users of an abnormal operating condition such as on the plugs and connectors, or as complex as providing device operational data for enabling predictive maintenance programs on the mechanical interlocks. By accessing real-time information about machine health and power quality in both these ways, facility managers and electricians can more quickly address potential hazards to ensure their people and systems are operating safely and efficiently."

The LEV Series mechanical interlocks with Inform technology identify disturbances that can impact machine performance and lead to unplanned downtime. These mechanical interlocks monitor individual line-side and load-side voltage values, ground continuity, liquid accumulation and welded or broken contacts via line-of-sight LED indication and remote monitoring via the Inform app.

Additionally, LEV Series plugs and connectors with Inform technology provide local monitoring through line-of-sight visual power indication to increase safety. Green LEDs illuminate when the device is energized, warning that power is present. This also allows for faster troubleshooting when there is a power problem with connected equipment.

For use in any environment, the LEV Series devices feature higher, more comprehensive and exclusive watertight ratings over the competition, as well as superior construction, contends Leviton. All devices are rated to IP66, IP67, and industry-exclusive IP68 for long-term submersion ,and IP69K for high-pressure, high temperature washdown.

The series' nickel-plated brass pins and sleeves are self-cleaning, corrosion-resistant and allow for improved insertion and withdrawal. All devices are designed with sanitary conditions in mind, without gaps for debris to build up, allowing the LEV Series to be one of the only NSF Certified pin and sleeve devices on the market, notes Leviton.

Beyond the safety benefits, the company says its new LEV Series IEC 60309 pin and sleeve plugs and connectors were designed to ease installation and maintenance for the end-user by: eliminating several screws for a faster assembly; and providing screwless back clamp versions on 30 Amp plugs and connectors, which have two fewer screws for added time savings and come equipped with a dust grommet.

The series features captive hex style terminal screws and captive assembly screws that won't fall out during proper installation or servicing, and is notable for using pre-attached gaskets and grounding wires with receptables and inlets rather than separate components. The series also ships in partially assembled plugs and connectors to ease installation from set-up.

The LEV Series Pin & Sleeve devices are also available with a five-year warranty to ensure quality and reliability. Devices will be available in 20 Amp and 100 Amp configurations in late 2020. To learn more, visit www.leviton.com/levseries.

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