Webinar describes preparing workplaces, hospitality properties for occupants’ return

June 4, 2021
An online seminar presented by experts from TIA, Corning, AECOM, UV Angel and HTNG will address what building owners and hospitality chains can do to account for optimizing conditions for occupants’ health and well-being.

On Wednesday, June 16 an online seminar hosted by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) will describe how smart building technology will enable a safe return to the workplace and to travel. Moderated by TIA vice president Patrick Sweeney, the seminar will be delivered by Mike Colburn of AECOM, Brian Davis of Corning, Michael Blake of HTNG, and Dr. Linda Lee of UVAngel.

Describing the one-hour seminar’s content, TIA explains, “Now that vaccines are becoming more widely available, many employers are starting to make transition plans to bring workers back into the office and even allow some to travel again. Additionally, more families are booking vacations and travel plans for the summer and fall, and will be welcomed back by various hotels and resorts. While safety guidelines are relaxed, building owners and hospitality chains still need to account for optimizing indoor conditions for the health and well-being of tenants and occupants.”

The expert panel will discuss how a holistic approach to making buildings smarter can both ensure optimal safety and put workers and travelers at ease. The panelists will discuss how a common assessment for smart buildings can help ensure that buildings not only are safe, but also that the smart technology investment allows for building owners and operators to achieve their desired smart outcomes and increase the value of their assets.

You can register for the seminar here.

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