Nokia unveils 100G PON for fiber broadband in U.S.

June 28, 2022
Achieving 100 Gb/sec transmission on a single PON wavelength, Nokia showcased its 100G PON broadband technology at the Fiber Connect 2022 exhibition (Ju 12-15) in Nashville, Tenn.

Nokia's research arm, Nokia Bell Labs, presented what the company billed as the first 100Gb/second broadband technology in the U.S. at last month's Fiber Connect 2022 (June 12-15) conference in Nashville, Tenn.

The technology prototype presented delivers 100Gb/s downstream speeds on a single PON wavelength, avoiding the need to combine multiple wavelengths carrying lower speeds, noted the company.

Nokia said it achieved the record-breaking speeds using its 100G PON technology, and displayed the prototype in the Proof-of-Concept area at the Fiber Connect exhibition.

As noted by a press release:

While speeds up to 25Gb/second are possible on existing optical technologies, higher speeds require new approaches.

In the Fiber Connect prototype, Nokia Bell Labs is using advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques that will be needed for all technologies beyond 25G PON, including 50G and 100G PON.

In an industry-first for PON networks, the demonstration also showcased flexible data rates which allows for a more efficient use of available capacity, added the company.

Stefaan Vanhastel, CTO Nokia Fixed Networks, commented: “Fiber is the ultimate broadband infrastructure. It has almost unlimited capacity with only changes to the electronics at either end needed to increase speed. Today, fiber can already deliver 10G and 25G speeds. 50G will be available in the second half of this decade. With this proof-of-concept demo, we show that 100G is already within reach; all with the fiber network infrastructure that is being built today.”

The company said the prototype's parameters mimic real-world conditions including fiber distances and power split.

Nokia further notes it was the first telco equipment vendor to enable 25G PON on the same OLT equipment that is being deployed today for GPON and XGS-PON. According to analysis from Dell’Oro Group, Nokia was the 2021 market share leader for XGS-PON equipment.

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