Ethernet Alliance marks 50-year technology anniversary with celebration event

May 23, 2023
As recounted in a statement announcing Ethernet technology's Golden Anniversary events, so far in 2023 alone more than 20 technology developers, manufacturers and solutions providers have participated in Ethernet Alliance interoperability demonstrations.
Ethernet Alliance
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The Ethernet Alliance, the global consortium dedicated to the advancement of Ethernet technologies, announced that it is marking Ethernet’s 50-year track record of innovation with diverse activities and celebrations throughout the year, including sponsorship of the Computer History Museum's (CHM) Ethernet@50 anniversary event.

As noted by Sameh Boujelbene, vice president of data center and campus Ethernet switch market research for Dell’Oro Group, some nine billion Ethernet switch ports have shipped during the last two decades, for a total market value of well over $450 billion USD. Meanwhile, the Ethernet technology portfolio continues to expand, encompassing higher speeds and game-changing advances such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), and others.

Plus, the consortium notes that imminent arrival of the Terabit Ethernet era ensures that technology interoperability is more important than ever before. As the industry voice of Ethernet, the Ethernet Alliance has played a vital role in facilitating the technology's commercialization, bridging the gap between Ethernet standards and end users. By fostering industry collaboration and interoperability, the organization continues to advance Ethernet’s adoption across markets.

As recounted in a press release announcing Ethernet's Golden Anniversary events, in 2023 alone, more than 20 technology developers, manufacturers, and solutions providers have thus far participated in Ethernet Alliance interoperability demonstrations at conferences such as the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC 2023), and plugfests at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL).

The Ethernet Alliance also offers professional, educational, and knowledge-sharing resources, such as its ongoing technology webinar series, Ethernet Roadmap and PoE Certification Programs, and blogs from recognized industry experts.

Finally, to help preserve the half-century history of Ethernet, the Alliance has established the Voices of Ethernet oral history archive. Aimed at preserving Ethernet’s history by capturing spoken personal recollections of pivotal events and major milestones from key individuals, the archive includes oral histories from Ethernet co-creator and recent A. M. Turing Award recipient Robert Metcalfe; standards pioneer Gary S. Robinson; and legendary computer designer and architect Gordon Bell, among many other prominent networking pioneers.

David J. Rodgers, chair of the Ethernet Alliance Events & Conferences Committee, remarked:

“Next generation high-speed Ethernet switches, routers, and network interface cards are pushing the envelope for the interconnect market, requiring a new approach to testing and deploying modules and cables to ensure network links can come up cleanly and repeatedly. This reality clearly underscores the critical role that interoperability plays in achieving the seamless connectivity that is Ethernet’s hallmark. The Ethernet Alliance remains dedicated to facilitating industry-wide interoperability collaborations to not only address this challenge, but to also enable future generations of Ethernet innovation.”

Cisco Distinguished Engineer Peter Jones, chair of the Ethernet Alliance, concluded:

“That Ethernet remains the gold standard for effortless connectivity a half-century after its inception is a testament to both the simple brilliance of its design and the open, global community that has coalesced around it. The last five decades have brought remarkable changes, such as the rise of social media, edge computing, the Internet of Things, connected cars, and online gaming. Ethernet has been there through it all, adapting swiftly to new applications and environments, all while living up to its promise that you plug it in, and it just works.”

As a primary sponsor, the Ethernet Alliance took part in the CHM Live Ethernet@50 in-person and virtual event on May 22 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The celebration featured a special live recording of The Verge’s flagship podcast, The Vergecast, as well as discussions of how entrepreneurs and executives turned Ethernet technology into a dynamic global industry.

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