BICSI launches India affiliate

July 21, 2023
One of three BICSI affiliates, along with BICSI Japan and BICSI South Pacific, BICSI India will provide resources to members across India, and host events.

BICSI recently finalized an affiliate agreement with Infinios Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd, which led to the creation of BICSI India. BICSI India joins two other BICSI affiliates, BICSI Japan and BICSI South Pacific. As an affiliate, BICSI India has access to growth opportunities, and will be able to provide significant resources to BICSI members across India, as well as host events.

“Both BICSI and BICSI India aim to collaboratively advance the ICT industry and support ICT professionals through membership, standards, education, training, certifications, networking, and other means,” BICSI said when announcing the affiliate agreement.

Previously, BICSI’s presence in India was orchestrated through BICSI volunteers in the country. “The creation of BICSI India gives the affiliate increased agency with the exclusive right to operate within the country, promote BICSI’s mission, and provide localized BICSI support for members and other ICT stakeholders,” BICSI added.

“It is a significant step towards building a more vibrant future of the information and communications technology profession and community in India,” said Nandakumar K S, founder and managing director of Infinios Business Solutions India Pvt Ltd.

“This collaboration represents our commitment to serving the vibrant Indian market and harnessing its immense potential by meeting the unique and evolving needs of local ICT professionals,” added John Daniels, BICSI’s chief executive officer.

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