Fluke Networks’ Jim Davis Elected Chair of TIA’s Fiber Optics Tech Consortium

March 25, 2024
Other FOTC officers for 2024 include Amir Sekhavat, Brian Teague, Cindy Montstream, and Wallace Aragao.

Members of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Fiber Optics Tech Consortium recently elected Jim Davis of Fluke Networks as the consortium’s chair for 2024. The FOTC educates designers, installers, and technicians of network infrastructure as well as end-users of these systems, about the use of optical fiber in networks. FOTC provides vendor-neutral, standard-compliant information.

Other FOTC officers for 2024 are:

  • Vice chair: Amir Sekhavat, Superior Essex
  • Membership chair: Brian Teague, Old Castle
  • Standards chair: Cindy Montstream, Legrand
  • Communications chair: Wallace Aragao, EXFO

“Fluke has long been a supporter of the FOTC and its mission,” Davis said. “I’m pleased to have the opportunity to lead the Consortium, especially at a time when very high network speeds have increased the importance of cleaning and testing fibers to ensure performance.”

He succeeds Rodney Casteel of CommScope, who served as FOTC chair for 17 years. Casteel commented, “Jim is an excellent choice to lead the FOTC. For many years he has been an integral force in our ongoing initiatives and brings a true understanding of both market needs and FOTC objectives. Many people will recognize Jim from the FOTC’s BICSI Master Classes or our webinar series, where he’s a popular speaker.”

The FOTC is in its 30th year. Its most recently developed tool for professionals throughout the networking industry is the Standards Explorer, a free online database that serves as a resource for anyone who wants to learn about fiber, infrastructure, and applications standards.

The Standards Explorer earned a platinum-level award in Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s 2023 Cabling Innovators Awards program. The video above includes interviews with FOTC public relations director Liz Goldsmith and the Standards Explorer's creator Valerie Maguire.

You can find information on becoming a member of FOTC here, and on becoming a member of TIA here.

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