Web-based seminar focuses on 10-Gig

April 28, 2005
April 28, 2005 - Scheduled for May 12, the seminar will update the progress of efforts to standardize Augmented Category 6 and 10GBase-T.

A Web-based educational seminar produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine will focus on one of the hottest topics in the cabling industry today-10Gigabit Ethernet transmission over twisted-pair cabling. Scheduled for May 12, the seminar will approach the topic from a standards perspective, and will include reports from the TIA and IEEE groups that are developing the specifications for cabling and transmission performance for 10GBase-T, respectively.

Presenters Jay Paul Myers of Ortronics (www.ortronics.com) as well as Bob Kenny and Bernie Hammond of ADC (www.adc.com) are active participants in those standards bodies, and will provide first-hand reports of the standard-development process.

According to Cabling Installation & Maintenance chief editor Patrick McLaughlin, the topic is a timely one, even though final specifications from both the TIA and the IEEE are at least a full year away. "Standards are the bedrock of technology acceptance in the cabling industry," he says. "While some early adopters will install pre-standard products, history shows that a majority of the marketplace waits until a standard is finalized before investing in a new cabling technology. This Web-based seminar will speak to early adopters and to the majority of the cabling industry, describing target dates for standard ratification as well as explaining the systems currently commercially available."

Between December 2004 and January 2005, four UTP systems claiming 10-Gig capability emerged on the market, bringing the total number of available systems claiming 10-Gig performance to six. Three of the four newest were introduced at the BICSI Winter Conference in late January. This Web-based seminar will take place a week after BICSI's Spring Conference, when at least two more 10-Gig UTP systems will be announced. Each system must accomplish similar performance requirements-most notably, controlling alien crosstalk. And each system will achieve that goal differently. Professionals who are in a position either to purchase or to install 10-Gig-ready UTP systems now face a myriad of product-selection and installation issues. McLaughlin says this Web-based seminar is aimed at clearing some air for those individuals as well.

The seminar will be held live at 2:00 PM EDT on Thursday, May 12. Once delivered, it will be archived on the magazine's Web site for one year. Those interested in seeing more detail on the seminar or registering for it can do so by clicking here or by visiting www.cable-install.com.

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