Ethernet specialist PCN joins industrial networking, IP automation consortium ODVA

May 21, 2015
PCN says it has joined ODVA in support of CIP [Common Industrial Protocol]-based networks, specifically EtherNet/IP technologies and specifications.

PCN (Columbia, MO) announced that it has joined ODVA in support of CIP [Common Industrial Protocol]-based networks, specifically industrial EtherNet/IP technologies and specifications. ODVA is an international association comprised of members from the world's top automation companies supporting network technologies using the (CIP). PCN joins a long list of recognized members in ODVA, including Rockwell Automation, Cisco, Schneider Electric, Eaton Electrical and many others.

"PCN recognizes the value of CIP network architectures, and by its membership in ODVA, highlights its plans to continue to develop and deploy products that enable easy, secure and cost-effective migration, upgrade and integration of EtherNet/IP networks, for manufacturers who want to make it part of their industrial network strategy," said a PCN press statement.

PCN describes itself as "a communications company that designs, develops and manufactures products that accelerate the connectivity of the Industrial Internet while simultaneously protecting existing operations and security across industrial network environments."

Whether within factories, oil and gas, utility, or other industrial environments, PCN notes that its "rugged products seamlessly connect to existing operational cabling, allowing network managers the ability to use standard, specialty or proprietary data wiring as a long distance high-bandwidth Ethernet network infrastructure for device, field and sensor level communication infrastructure. Without having to shut down operations and begin the costly rip and replace of cabling across a factory, PCN allows owners of PLC and DCS based networks to begin a secure, managed and methodical way of migrating and upgrading manufacturing lines to industrial Ethernet networks."

PCN asserts that is products enable manufacturers to begin a secure, reliable and cost effective migration to EtherNet/IP networks using existing cabling that is already in place. "Doing so allows manufacturers to obtain the benefits of the Industrial Internet now, while simultaneously testing, validating, and verifying industrial Ethernet network strategies and assumptions without having to deploy huge amounts of capital or having to take unnecessary deployment risks in rip and replace events," continued the company's press release.

PCN says its latest InterMax product line enables the extension and deployment of EtherNet/IP communications across existing networks up to 10,000 feet, while supporting multi-drop and peer to peer operation. The InterMax products are developed with specialized OFDM technologies supporting hi-bandwidth and hi-QOS in severe EMI industrial environments. PCN emphasizes that its products operate on any existing data wiring already in place, allowing companies that want to move to EtherNet/IP from another proprietary system to easily do so. PCN's InterMax products enable EtherNet/IP networking devices to operate over legacy STP, UTP, coax, two wire, as well as proprietary cabling such as Profibus and Blue Hose cabling.

Dave Karpenske, CEO of PCN Technology, concludes, “PCN is pleased in becoming a member of ODVA and is excited to support process and control automation network efforts in migrating to EtherNet/IP technologies and products. The Industrial Internet is evolving rapidly and PCN is beginning to engage 3rd party integration companies to help manufacturers achieve a convergence of OT and IT networks in a managed, secure and reliable manner.”

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