Graybar expands VIP program to include fiber-optic systems

Jan. 24, 2002
January 23, 2002--Logistics of the program are the same as those of the VIP 1000 and VIP 2000 copper-cabling verification programs.

Graybar ( has expanded its Verified Independently for Performance (VIP) program to include multimode fiber-optic cabling systems. The VIP Fiber program tests and certifies 50- and 62.5-micron multimode fiber-optic systems to levels exceeding specifications in TIA/EIA and IEEE standards.

Just as with the VIP 1000 and VIP 2000 copper-cabling programs, ITS ETL Semko is the independent laboratory that verifies the systems under test.

According to Graybar, VIP Fiber assures customers they are installing fiber-optic systems that will work properly in 1- and 10-gigabit-speed environments. "Maximizing the performance of a cabling system means supporting the networks of tomorrow, not just those of today," said Rob Bezjak, vice president of market development for Graybar. "Fiber still has some mystery to it. This program removes the guesswork. VIP Fiber addresses the basic questions: What is the application speed? What is the length of the channel? How many connections, and what type of connectors are used?

"The VIP Fiber testing procedure is identical to our other VIP programs," Bezjak added. "The cable and connectors tested come directly out of Graybar's inventory. The same material the customer would buy is the same material tested. To ensure consistency, once a cabling system is approved for our VIP program, ITS ETL Semko randomly selects material from our inventory for testing each quarter."

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