IEEE launches StandardsAmericas

Dec. 31, 2002
Dec. 31, 2002 - New portal will foster information about telecommunications standards.

The IEEE has launched StandardsAmericas, a multidimensional Web site for individuals who wish to learn about, develop and access technical standards.

The site,, has been launched by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association, a major developer of international standards. It provides broad access throughout North, Central and South America to technical standards created by the IEEE and other standards development organizations.

StandardsAmericas is designed to embrace all aspects of the standards world. It is a multidimensional resource for anyone who wants to learn about, obtain and formulate technical standards, especially in telecommunications, information technology, and power and energy. It also serves the needs of standards association volunteers who help create standards, as well as it members, customers and international partners by providing updates on IEEE and standards association activities.

The site provides information about standards under development and links specialists working on standards around the world. It also describes how companies are using IEEE standards.

Ben Johnson, president of the IEEE Standards Association, says the site was created to foster the use and creation of technical standards.

"StandardsAmericas illustrates the interrelatedness of the standards world," he says. "It brings together all parties involved, from those who help formulate standards to the organizations that offer them to the companies that use them.

"The site also reinforces the many benefits standards offer, such as the return on investment companies realize when they help develop them," he continues. "In addition, its StandardsShop area makes it easy to purchase technical standards, specifications and guides from the IEEE and other SDOs."

The site offers those in companies, trade organizations, government bodies and academia in North, Central and South America such options as:

* The ability to learn about and join new IEEE standards efforts,
* Links to Web sites carrying international and regional finance and economic news relevant to standards,
* Links to IEEE "Standards Zones" to explore standards in specific technologies, such as wireless communications, microprocessors and power generation,
* Access to approved standards, either directly through the IEEE-SA or from third parties, and,
* Links to IEEE-SA's international standards partners, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission, International Organization for Standardization, and International Telecommunications Union.

The site also provides access to the IEEE Registration Authority, which assigns Ethernet addresses and local and metropolitan area network names, addresses and identifiers. It also allows visitors to link to the IEEE Industry Standards Technology Organization, which supports standards and technology development by industry consortia, alliances, forums and other groups.

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