CablExpress joins TIA, TR-42 cabling standards committee

March 22, 2016
The company’s senior data center infrastructure architect, Rick Dallmann, will serve on TR-42.1, which is currently revising the TIA-942 data center cabling standards.

CablExpress recently joined the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) “to support the advancement of cabling standards,” the company said when announcing their membership in the association. “Rick Dallmann, senior data center infrastructure architect at CablExpress, has been named a member of the TIA Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee, TR-42, and the Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Subcommittee, TR-42.1, where he will work as part of a collaborative team to help develop and maintain the standards.” The TIA is currently in the process of developing TIA-942-B, the second revision of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.

“The TIA-942 standard is a trusted framework used by data center professionals to design and build infrastructures that perform at optimal levels,” said Peter Belyea, president of CablExpress’s parent company CXtec. “We’re honored to have Rick serve on these committees and to partner with the TIA in support of the important work they do in the industry to define and educate on best practices in cabling.”

Dallmann has more than 20 years’ experience in the design and implementation of fiber-optic cabling solutions. He is an experienced speaker and has given presentations on industry trends and best practices for data center infrastructure at several conferences, including BICSI, AFCOM, NY Tech Summit and others.

Scott Belcher, TIA’s chief executive officer, commented, “It’s a great honor to welcome CablExpress to the TIA family, and Rick Dallmann to our committees. TIA has a well-earned reputation of attracting the ICT industry’s leaders and innovators, and that is certainly the case with CablExpress. Through our partnership with CablExpress and our member companies, TIA will continue to be the gold standard for policy, standards and networking events.”

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