CommScope's WBMMF testing certified by Intertek

Aug. 2, 2016
CommScope's is believed to be the industry’s first confirmed successful test of WBMMF wavelengths beyond 850 nm.

Wideband multimode fiber (WBMMF) is an innovative solution allowing IT and data center mangers to build cost-effective infrastructure that can support bandwidth needs today and in the future. Intertek, a leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide, recently certified CommScope’s WBMMF testing facility in Richardson, Texas for its measurement setup and technique stating “it satisfies the current Telecommunication Industry Association’s (TIA) standard (TIA-455-220-A).”

Intertek witnessed CommScope’s differential mode delay (DMD) testing of WBMMF at 850, 880, 910 and 953 nm. This marks what CommScope believes to be the industry’s first confirmed successful test of wavelengths beyond 850 nm, an important step in verifying fiber performance for emerging shortwave wavelength division multiplexing systems. The fibers also met the TIA-492AAAC, TIA-492AAAD and TIA-492AAAE standards, Intertek stated.

“This testing and certification validates CommScope’s commitment to its state-of-the-art DMD testing capability that is critical for new product development,” said David Brown, senior vice president, Research and Development, CommScope. “With Intertek as our witness, our certified testing will increase customer confidence in our laboratory measurements.”

Brown added the certification allows CommScope to continue developing its innovative WBMMF solutions. This, coupled with transceivers using wavelength division multiplexing and/or pulse-amplitude modulation technology, provides a path for CommScope customers to grow their fiber throughput capacity from 10G to 100G and beyond with maximum fiber reach and minimum fiber count, enabling them to cost-effectively keep pace with the bandwidth explosion.

“Our customers and the industry expect leadership from CommScope and we are doing that by providing innovative, certified solutions that adhere to important industry standards,” Brown said.

“Intertek is pleased to provide its expertise in certifying standards compliance to the DMD bench at CommScope’s facility,” said Antoine Pelletier, project engineer, Intertek. “CommScope’s DMD bench met the measurement standard’s requirements and properly graded the performance of fibers used in CommScope’s LazrSPEED cables with respect to the TIA-492 series requirements.”

Download the Intertek witness report here.

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