Cat 6 Consortium furthers the cause of UTP's biggest hitter

Jan. 6, 2003
Jan. 6, 2002--A white paper, FAQ sheet, and presentation at an industry conference mark the group's efforts to convince users to go Cat 6.

Wednesday, January 15 could be considered the first "public" appearance of the Category 6 Consortium, a group formed by the Telecommunications Industry Association's TR-42.7 Telecommunications Copper Cabling Systems Committee. On that day, members of the Category 6 Consortium will present "Why Category 6 Cabling Systems are Needed in the Market," at BICSI's Winter Conference.

According to the Consortium, the presentation will summarize the benefits of Category 6 systems, including higher throughput capabilities, better quality for real-time applications, and immunity to outside interference.

Formed last year, the Category 6 Consortium has written a white paper and a Frequently-Asked-Questions document, aimed at educating cabling-system end-users on Cat 6's benefits. The FAQ document includes sections on Category 6 systems and applications, Category 6 cable, Category 6 patch cords, Category 6 testing, and Category 6 connecting hardware.

Both the white paper and FAQ sheet, as well as a list of members and an organizational overview, can be viewed on the Category 6 Consortium's Web site, which you can reach by clicking here.

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