TIA to tackle standards for telecom related overcurrent surge withstand protectors

April 24, 2003
April 24, 2003 - Engineering working group will handle the project.

The Telecommunications Industry Association has formed a new engineering working group to develop standards for telecommunications related overcurrent surge withstand protectors.

The new working group, designated TR-41.7.5, Overcurrent Surge Withstand Protectors, is part of the TIA's engineering subcommittee TR-41.7, Environmental and Safety Considerations.

TR-41.7.5 will hold its first meeting May 7 at the Grosvenor Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL., at the quarterly TR-41 meeting. The working group will be chaired on an interim basis by Carl Lindquist of San-O Industrial Corp.

TR-41.7.5 will consider safety specification requirements associated with surge withstand overcurrent protectors (fuses and positive temperature coefficients [PTCs]) used in telecommunications equipment that will be subjected to testing per Telcordia GR 1089 and UL 60950. Initial work will include the development of suitable text for component safety requirements covering fuses and PTCs to be employed in equipment addressed in the standards. This text will be provided to Underwriters Laboratories for its consideration and adoption.

Component level safety standards do not exist to adequately confirm that the numerous devices now on the market are "equivalent," "interchangeable" or meet minimum safety related requirements when used in telecommunications central office and customer premise equipment exposed to power line cross and lightning surge hazards. While necessity for such protectors is now limited to North American applications, it is likely that the need will extend to other countries around the world.

The TIA is based in Arlington, VA. For more information on TR-41.7.5 contact Carl Lindquist at 1-908-218-8899 or visit www.tiaonline.org.

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