Single-fiber 100G CFP module reaches 80 km

March 22, 2013
Effdon Networks presented its single-fiber 100G 80 km Reach-Extender pluggable module at OFC/NFOEC 2013.

Effdon Networks presented its single-fiber 100G 80 km Reach-Extender pluggable module at the recent OFC/NFOEC 2013 exhibition. The company claims the compact pluggable CFP module is the first to economically span 100Gbps for a range of 80 km over a single fiber pair.

"To make 100G technology widely deployable it has to be at least comparable to today's 10 x 10G solutions in price, power and density," notes Eitan Efron, CEO and co-founder of Effdon. "Just as importantly, it must be backward-compatible to the 10G networks and services out there in the field."

According to the company, with the new module, operators, data centers and enterprises can extend the reach of their existing 100G router/switch ports from 100m/10 km to 80 km without the need to install and manage external, power hungry DWDM systems -- slashing TCO for delivering 100G services by an order of magnitude, while saving space and power.

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Efron continues, "There are millions of 80 km 10G ports out there that customers look to upgrade to 100G, but until today they had no practical way to do that without a truck roll. Today you plug in a single-fiber 10G module on your router or switch and get a direct router-router service over 80 km. Why should it be any different with 100G?"

Effdon contends that its CFP module's optical performance is comparable to that of 10G designs, thus bringing 100G technology to the level of 10G transmissions for seamless upgrade of existing 10G networks. The company says that its proprietary smart optics technology, developed over the last three years, takes a complete DWDM system and shrinks it into a compact 100G module to enable a simple upgrade path from 10G to 100G.

Efron concludes, "[With our product], simply add a 100G pluggable module to your router or switch and get a 100G of service, over 80km, over a single fiber. No other external devices needed, no need to be an optical expert or manage complex WDM systems. The Effdon module does it all for you." More information is available at [email protected].

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