Light Brigade adds latest standards to fiber-optic safety training DVD

New ANSI standard provides guidance for the safe use, maintenance, service and installation of fiber-optic and free space optical communications systems.

AFL’s education and training division, The Light Brigade, has incorporated the content of the ANSI Z 136.2 standard, along with the international IEC 60825-2 optical fiber communications safety standard, into its Fiber Optic Safety DVD. “As installers build and test a system, awareness of possible risks is crucial,” notes Ron Peterson, chairman of the Standards Subcommittee (SSC-2) under the NSIASC, who also spearheaded the team that crafted the new guidelines.

The new ANSI standard provides guidance for the safe use, maintenance, service and installation of fiber-optic and free space optical communications systems which use laser diodes that operate between standard wavelengths of 850-1650 nm. Applicable for those who assemble, service or maintain end-to-end fiber optic communication systems and optical components, the standard is published by the Laser Institute of America (LIA), a recognized industry leader in laser advocacy and safety education. To order the ANSI Z136.2 standard (ISBN# 978-0-912035-68-0), visit or call LIA at 1.800.34.LASER.

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The Light Brigade bills its Fiber Optic Safety DVD serves as a training tool to help enhance the fiber-optic safety program for anyone who works with optical fibers or lasers or who installs or operates fiber-optic communication systems. The DVD’s 10 menu-selectable chapters focus on topics relevant to today’s fiber technicians, including: laser types and classifications, how they operate and various control measures; national and international fiber-optic and laser safety standards; optical fiber handling and safety; chemicals and right-to-know documentation; fiber and laser testing and inspection equipment types and applications; the impact of high-power Raman and EDFA optical amplifiers; safety practices during installation and restoration; potential safety problems along with their causes and possible solutions; safety in confined spaces; and types of personal protective equipment.

BICSI recognizes AFL/The Light Brigade's Fiber Optic Safety DVD training for the following BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs): one RCDD; one RITP; one Installer 2; one Technician; and one Certified Trainer. Bonus materials included on the DVD includes a student quiz with a matching instructor version, written in Microsoft Word format, which allows customization for specific safety needs. The Light Brigade will showcase the video at booth #2641 at the upcoming OFC/NFOEC show in Anaheim, CA (March 19-21).

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