Ethernet Alliance announces TEF 2013 details

Aug. 19, 2013
The Ethernet Alliance has announced details of the agenda for its upcoming 2013 Technology Exploration Forum (TEF 2013), scheduled for October 15-16 in Silicon Valley.

The Ethernet Alliance has announced details of the agenda for its upcoming 2013 Technology Exploration Forum (TEF 2013), scheduled for October 15-16, 2013 at the Network Meeting Center in Silicon Valley’s TechMart. At TEF 2013, “The Future of Ethernet”, Ethernet industry leaders, stakeholders, and industry visionaries including Ethernet inventor Robert (Bob) Metcalfe, will discuss Ethernet’s path forward.

With the overwhelming response from the Ethernet industry, TEF 2013 has been extended to a second day to ensure ample opportunity to reflect upon the multiple issues currently challenging the Ethernet technology ecosystem, reports the Alliance. As part of its fifth TEF, the Ethernet Alliance also announced Dell and IEEE-SA as TEF 2013 Platinum Sponsors, and Hewlett Packard Co. as a Gold Sponsor.

One of the highlights of TEF 2013 will be a keynote address and a follow-up brainstorming session led by Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe. Also on tap are featured speakers from leading industry organizations and businesses, including Tom Burns, vice president and general manager, Dell Networking; Wael William Diab, vice-chair, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and senior technical director, office of the CTO, Broadcom; and Nan Chen, president, Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).

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Additional TEF 2013 panel sessions will delve into pressing issues and emerging challenges within the Ethernet ecosystem, including:

-- Standardizing Software-Defined Networking: Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and its standardization will be examined, as well as potential impacts on Ethernet networking standards.

-- Analysts’ Forecast of Future of Ethernet: Predictions and forecasts of the future of Ethernet, including a discussion of trends beyond typical five-year forecasts to help development of long-term strategies related to Ethernet.

-- Meeting in the Ether: Synergy Between IEEE 802 Wired and Wireless Technologies: An exploration of emerging use cases and technology developments of wireless technologies and assess the potential impact on IEEE 802 Ethernet.

-- Vehicular Ethernet: A discussion of Ethernet technologies and solutions needed to support its move into new, high-volume vehicle markets such as automotive, locomotive, and aircraft.

-- Promises of Photonic Integration: Panelists will address the current state of photonic-integrated circuits, as well as how photonic integration could underpin Ethernet’s advancement in data centers.

-- The Next Optical Eco-system: 100 Gb/s Signaling: With increasing discussion of higher order modulation focused on single mode fiber connectivity within data centers, this panel will review various tradeoffs that exist with higher order modulation, and debate potential technology approaches.

More information about The Future of Ethernet TEF 2013, including event and registration information is available at the Ethernet Alliance website.

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