Black Box issues cabling standards resource

Nov. 12, 2013
New white paper resource from Black Box.

A new white paper resource from Black Box, entitled Structured Cabling Organizations and Standards, provides a comprehensive, thumbnail listing of all key cabling infrastructure standards as well as organizations developing standards related to cabling and communications.

Regarding the importance of standards, Black Box asserts, "Standards are the platform of all telecommunications networks. They establish guidelines and recommend best practices for every aspect of telecommunications cabling systems from network design and installation to cable performance and verification. Standards establish technical criteria and ensure uniformity and compatibility in and between networks, even multi-vendor networks."

See also: Standards Update 2013

The white paper's introduction continues, "In communications cabling, standards define cabling types, distances, connections, cabling architectures, performance parameters, testing requirements, and more. And because they provide recommended best practices, standards can reduce downtime and installation expenses. They simplify moves, adds, and changes. They maximize system availability, and they extend the usable lifetime of a cabling system. Standards enable you to build structured cabling systems that can easily accommodate existing technologies, equipment, and users, as well as future ones."

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