TIA white paper addresses wireless spectrum sharing

Paper explores current and proposed funding sources for spectrum research, offers specific recommendations for policymakers.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has announced the release of its new white paper, “Spectrum Sharing Research and Development.” TIA says it developed the white paper as part of its ongoing effort to find innovative ways of meeting the nation’s increasing demand for more available wireless spectrum.

TIA notes that, as America’s wireless usage quickly grows, policymakers and industry leaders are beginning to explore new solutions to share spectrum. To encourage and assist in this effort, TIA’s white paper on spectrum sharing reviews current and proposed sources of R&D funding for spectrum research, and identifies some specific R&D areas that hold potential for rapidly advancing spectrum sharing technology.

In the paper, TIA says, “Wireless broadband growth is one of the nation’s largest economic drivers, and the need for spectrum will only increase in the coming years. Investment in innovative spectrum technologies is therefore essential to maintaining U.S. economic leadership…Spectrum sharing technologies hold great promise, but a significant and sustained research and development effort is required to help move many of these technologies into the mainstream. By modernizing the foundations of the research ecosystem and focusing R&D efforts in priority areas, Congress and the [Presidential] Administration can work in partnership with industry to ensure that the future for spectrum remains a bright one.”

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The white paper includes eleven recommendations to assist in guiding actions by policymakers in Congress and the Executive Branch, and serves as a blueprint for spectrum sharing R&D activities in academia, industry, and elsewhere. Several of TIA’s recommendations include:

-- The White House and funding agencies should continue to seek opportunities to administratively target research funding towards spectrum sharing R&D.

-- To achieve transformational advances in spectrum sharing R&D that will yield economic benefits several times over, Congress should provide significant additional funding for spectrum sharing research.

-- Policymakers should facilitate the development of globally harmonized spectrum sharing access technologies.

The new white paper was launched in conjunction with TIA’s CTO Council Roundtable in Austin, Texas from December 10-11.

Read the TIA's complete Spectrum Sharing Research and Development white paper.

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