Web seminar explores labeling to TIA-606-B

Dec. 2, 2013
Seminar titled ‘The Importance of Network Identification’ explains the hows as well as the whys of labeling and administration.

A web-delivered seminar titled “The Importance of Network Identification” will explain the “hows” as well as the “whys” of labeling a network and its cabling system to the ANSI/TIA-606-B standard. On Wednesday, December 4, Panduit’s Jay Whitaker will deliver the seminar live. It will then be available for on-demand viewing for six months.

In the seminar, Whitaker will explain and demonstrate the breadth of TIA-606-B, describing how it comprises the elements in the previous TIA-606-A standard as well as Addendum 1 to 606-A. He also will explain why proper administration is a time- and money-saving endeavor. The two images below are taken from the seminar as a visual depiction of unadministered versus administered cabling plants.

In describing the seminar, Panduit explains, “The TIA-606-B standard provides a foundation for network administration and identification using a scalable, easy-to-understand and deployable infrastructure labeling plan. A properly identified network is easier to install, operate and maintain. MACs can be performed with more accuracy and speed, and downtime issues can be resolved quicker with the use of a well-organized labeling plan for the network infrastructure.”

Attendees are eligible to receive one ITS continuing education credit (CEC) toward BICSI’s professional credentials.

You can find more detail on the seminar here and register for it here.

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