Huawei blasts 1 Gbps broadband over coaxial cables

Oct. 17, 2013
The company has unveiled its over coax multi-user prototype.

Huawei Technologies has unveiled what it claims is the world's first over coax multi-user access prototype, capable of providing an ultrafast broadband access rate of 1 Gbps over coaxial cables. This technology will enable coaxial network users to experience superfast broadband speeds, the company says.

The over coax multi-user access technology is compatible with cable-TV signals on existing coaxial networks, which serve as a ubiquitous access medium for home networks. By flexibly allocating unoccupied frequency bands (1 GHz maximally) for access, the technology reportedly provides a 1-Gbps downstream shared bandwidth to serve up to 32 users over coaxial cables.

As an emerging technology for which specifications are now in the development stage within ITU-T, has been targeted for short-distance twisted copper pairs, as reported by our sister site Lightwave. While the ITU-T standards are expected to provide 500 Mbps over 100 m, some vendors – including Huawei – want to provide higher speeds over shorter distances.

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Huawei recently conducted a over copper trial with a European telecom operator that focused on 1-Gbps access. In addition, Huawei has incorporated technology into its fiber to the door (FTTD) offering, which takes fiber very close to the consumer and then delivers ultrafast broadband access via existing access media such as copper or coaxial cables.

“Huawei continuously invests in technological innovations that address the needs of operators and solve their problems in network rollouts,” comments You Yiyong, president of Huawei’s access network product line. “The over coax multi-user access prototype is a perfect combination of our latest technology and coaxial network innovations. Huawei will promote standardization and commercialization to accelerate the build-out of ultrafast broadband networks.”

As an ardent advocate of standards, Huawei has contributed a majority of core technologies in its papers submitted to the ITU-T’s standards body.


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