CommScope R&D director discusses Cat 8 cabling, NGBASE-T advancements

July 11, 2013
New video from CommScope.

In the following video, Richard Mei, director of research and development at CommScope, discusses technical advancements made during the recent IEEE 802.3 NGBASE-T study group meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. At the meeting, the company successfully demonstrated the technical feasibility of Category 8 cabling with RJ45 connectivity for 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GBase-T) transmissions.

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Questions addressed by Mei in the video include the following:

* Why does the 40GBase-T standard require a new type of cabling? How will it differ from our current cabling?

* What did we learn from 10GBase-T?

* What data center needs will 40GBase-T applications address?

* Will copper twisted-pair cabling still be relevant for tomorrow's data centers?

* What other options are viable for 40GBase-T?

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