TR-42 names subcommittee chairs

Nov. 29, 2001
November 29, 2001 Odd-numbered subcommittees elected their leaders during a quarterly meeting.

At its quarterly meeting November 5 to 9 in Dallas, TX, the TR-42 Committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association ( named chairs and vice chairs of its odd-numbered subcommittees (42.1, 42.3, 42.5, 42.7, and 42.9). As previously reported here, Herb Congdon was named chair and Julie Roy named vice chair of the TR-42.1 Commercial Building Cabling Subcommittee.

Other elections made that week include Ray Keden, RCDD as chair and Stephen Huffaker, RCDD as vice chair of the TR-42.3 Commercial Building Telecommnications Pathways and Spaces Subcommittee. The TR-42.3 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for telecommunications pathways and spaces into which cabling and equipment are placed within a commercial building.

Peter Sharp, RCDD is the new chair and Robert Jensen, RCDD the new vice chair of the TR-42.5 Telecommunications Infrastructure Terms Subcommittee. That group develops and maintains a master glossary of terms and symbols including acronyms, abbreviations, and units of measure for all standards developed in TR-42 as well as TR-41.5 and TR-41.7.2.

The TR-42.7 Telecommunications Copper Cabling Systems Subcommittee is now headed by Masood Shariff, chair, and Valerie Rybinski, vice chair. The 42.7 Subcommittee develops and maintains generic standards primarily for balanced twisted-pair cabling systems.

Rybinski has served as vice chair of the 42.7 Subcommittee since 1999, and was re-elected by acclamation. She also chairs the TR-42.7.1 Connecting Hardware Working Group, and is document editor for the proposed TIA/EIA-568B.2.1 Category 6 standard.

Peter Sharp also was elected chair of the TR-42.9 Industrial Telecommunications Infrastructure Subcommittee. Bob Lounsbury was named vice chair. The 42.9 Subcommittee develops and maintains standards for telecommunications infrastructure in industrial buildings, structures and campuses that are beyond the scope of the commercial-building standards.

Chairs for the TR-42 Engineering Committee and its even-numbered subcommittees will be elected in February 2002, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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