8. A counterfeit conference about counterfeit cable?

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A couple times already we've mentioned copper-clad aluminum cable. In addition to putting it in the category "Generic," I also put it in the category "counterfeit." The fact that there are counterfeit cable products in our marketplace is - sadly - scary but also commonplace. I find that when I discuss it with some people nowadays, there's almost a ho-hum attitude about it.

But what really caught my attention recently was not the existence of a counterfeit cable, but rather, the existence of a counterfeit conference about cable. An "event" calling itself China Wire & Cable Industry Summit 2011 appeared to be nothing more than a scam to obtain credit-card and passport information.

As we reported when we found about this in August, a flyer promoting the supposed event "includes a full two-day agenda with realistic-sounding session titles and descriptions. And the agenda includes the names of actual companies and people, claiming they will participate in the conference. Except, from all I can tell, these people and companies don't know a thing about the conference they're supposedly a part of."

As far as I know, and much to my chagrin, the perpetrators have not been caught. So the image above is some wishful thinking.


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