OIF demos 100G multi-vendor interoperability

Sept. 3, 2014
Live tests at ECOC 2014 will highlight 100G links and thermal optimization.

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) has developed a multi-vendor interoperability demonstration that tests live traffic over media including optical fiber, copper cables and backplanes, highlighting the expansion of 100G component availability to smaller form factors. Entitled OIF Interoperability 2014 - Accelerating Momentum on the Road to Next-Generation Architectures, the demonstrations will be on display at the optical communications industry's ECOC 2014 conference in Cannes, France, September 22-24.

The event marks the OIF's fifth demonstration of 4 x 25Gb/s (100Gb/s) channels and includes nine different demo scenarios featuring 11 different participating companies. OIF member companies participating in the demos include Amphenol, Finisar, Fujitsu Optical Components, Inphi, JDSU, Molex, MoSys, Semtech, TE Connectivity, Xilinx and Yamaichi Electronics along with Agilent Technologies and Tektronix providing testing equipment.

The OIF's interoperable 100G demonstrations at ECOC will include:

-- CFP4 optical modules from multiple suppliers with CEI-28G-VSR electrical channels interoperating over a range of single mode fiber lengths.

-- A CFP4 active copper cable assembly operating with CEI-28G-VSR links with multiple ASIC suppliers.

-- Testing and validation of chip to module “VSR channels” with compliance boards per CEI-28G-VSR.

-- Interoperation of various QSFP28 direct attach copper cables (DAC) from multiple vendors over CEI-25G-LR channels.

-- Three different connector suppliers' electrical backplane connectors showing CEI-25G-LR operation with multiple SerDes suppliers.

-- A demonstration of the effects of variations in surface condition on thermal performance with the 400G CDFP Style 2 pluggable module per the on-going OIF thermal interface development project.

“OIF members continue to lead the industry in developing agreements that enable an interoperable ecosystem ofhardware based on 25 to 28Gb/s electrical and optical channels,” comments Ed Frlan of Semtech and the OIF PLL Interoperability Working Group chair. “The demonstrations at ECOC validate the work that has been completed within the OIF and the next generation work that is in-process.”

A white paper describing the demonstrations will be available during the ECOC show, at http://www.oiforum.com/public/OIF_Interoperability_2014.html.

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