Webinar to discuss Category 8 developments

June 9, 2014
Online seminar covering innovations in copper cabling also will include presentations on direct-attach link verification and Power over HDBase-T.

A web seminar that will be held live on Thursday, June 19 will include detailed information on the milestones reaches and challenges remaining in the effort to specify Category 8 cabling performance. G. Mabud Choudhury, senior research-and-development manager with CommScope’s enterprise systems engineering group, will deliver a presentation titled “Category 8 Connectivity Challenge” during the seminar. In describing that presentation, seminar host Cabling Installation and Maintenance explained, “The development of the Category 8 cabling specifications is well underway, with an aggressive timetable for completion. As with previous-generation twisted-pair cabling specifications, achieving the standard-specified performance levels presents an extreme challenge for connecting-hardware developers. This presentation offers a look at the current status of the Category 8 spec along its development timeline, paying specific attention to current developments with the plug/jack interface.”

Other presentations to be delivered during the seminar will cover the implementation and verification of direct-attach links, and a look at Power over HDBase-T technology. Those two presentations are described as follows.

Administering and Assessing Direct-Attach Cabling Links: The direct-attach cabling-link setup involves the termination of a horizontal twisted-pair cable not to a jack within an equipment outlet, but rather to a plug that is attached directly to the network device it serves. This innovative method of connecting to an IP-enabled device has many advantages, but also one notable disadvantage: an inability to precisely measure the link’s performance. This presentation will explain the basics of the direct-attach method, then describe why the most-common current test method does not provide much certainty about the link’s performance. It concludes by discussing the even-newer technological developments that are enabling a clear view of such a link’s performance.

HDBase-T and PoH Leverage Copper’s Capabilities: The HDBase-T specification calls for a twisted-pair cabling infrastructure to support the transmission of multimedia entertainment systems. Part of the technology’s value proposition is the ability to provide power to these entertainment devices via the same infrastructure, through Power over HDBase-T or PoH. This presentation takes a look at the HDBase-T ecosystem, describing the type and performance level of twisted-pair cabling required. It also explains the PoH concept and technologies involved.

The seminar will be held live at 1:00pm EDT on June 19. After its live broadcast, it will be available on-demand for six months. Attendees who tune in for the webinar in its entirety are eligible to receive one continuing education credit (CEC) toward BICSI’s ITS professional credentials.

You can find more information about the webinar here and register for it here.

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