TIA standard to specify cabling for DAS

TSB-5018 will cover DAS-cabling topology, components, design, installation and testing.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)’s TR-42.1 Engineering Committee on Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling recently issued a call for interest for the creation of a telecommunications systems bulletin (TSB)—a type of document produced by the same committee that produces ANSI/TIA cabling standards. The call for interest is for TSB-5018, initially titled “Structured Cabling Infrastructure Standard to Support Distributed Antenna Systems.”

When issuing the call, the TIA explained, “This TSB specifies recommendations for DAS cabling infrastructure including cabling topology, architecture, design and installation practices, test procedures and components.” The association added, “A significant number of fire jurisdictions in North America have adopted standards for in-building public-safety radio-enhancement systems (RES) to ensure adequate in-building radio coverage for public-safety personnel during situations requiring a response by emergency personnel. Additionally, building components can act as a barrier for cellular communication. Therefore DAS is recommended to increase the signals.”

The TIA is actively seeking participation in this project, and said that stakeholders may include designers, installers, building owners, facility managers and other professionals with an interest in DAS and its infrastructure. Anyone interested in participating in the effort is asked to contact Germaine Palangdao: standards@tiaonline.org.

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