APOLAN boosts membership, touts enterprise passive optical LAN at BICSI Fall 2014

Fiber-based passive optical LAN is the next generation of enterprise LAN infrastructure, contends APOLAN.

2017 APOLAN award winners announced at BICSI Winter 2018
2017 APOLAN award winners announced at BICSI Winter 2018

At the 2014 BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition in Anaheim, CA (Sept. 28 - Oct. 2), the Association for Passive Optical LAN (APOLAN), a non-profit organization dedicated to driving adoption and educating the market about the advantages of passive optical local area network (LAN) technology, introduced a bronze membership level to further expand its membership base across the industry.

The newly announced bronze membership targets organizations with 1-10 employees that are engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution, sale and installation of passive optical LAN or are otherwise supportive of the implementation of such networks. As bronze members, they will be able to access the APOLAN website and existing resources, in addition to making their own content available to other members and the industry.

Recognizing enterprises' need for a high-bandwidth, high-performance and cost-effective networking solution, at this year's BICSI Fall show the APOLAN also formally announced that it is promoting passive optical LAN and its benefits as the ideal solution to future-proofing enterprise LANs.

"More and more enterprises are realizing that their existing copper-based LANs simply can't keep up with the needs of modern IT, costing them time, money and resources," comments Dave Cunningham, president of the APOLAN. "It's critical that we continue to educate enterprises about the technology's unique benefits to ensure they make the most strategic and beneficial LAN choices to tackle their evolving IT needs."

In a statement, the association stated the following, "Fiber-based passive optical LAN is the next generation of enterprise LAN infrastructure. It provides the simplicity, scale and bandwidth to address current and future needs, while minimizing the need for costly and disruptive cabling and equipment upgrades. It delivers up-front capital savings and ongoing operational savings over traditional copper-based active Ethernet LAN. Passive optical LAN is also the more sustainable alternative to copper-based LANs, delivering significant energy savings. It is the optimized means to deliver voice, video, data, wireless access, security and high-performance building automation. Passive optical LAN is used across a variety of industries, including the federal government and commercial enterprise, such as healthcare facilities, schools and college campuses, and hotels and resorts."

In addition to APOLAN's executives and member companies, also available at the 2014 BICSI Fall Conference was Gov. George Allen, the former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senator who joined the APOLAN as ambassador in August 2014. Learn more about APOLAN.

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