TIA applauds FCC's stance on IP transition tests

Ruling allows communications networks to examine how best to accelerate technology transition to IP.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) says it applauds the FCC and its chairman Tom Wheeler for unanimously voting to allow communication networks to conduct pilot programs that would examine any possible issues that may arise during the transition to Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

“The FCC and chairman Wheeler have the foresight to ensure that the inevitable transition of legacy transmission platforms and technologies to Internet Protocol networks will occur in an organized and orderly fashion,” commented Danielle Coffey, TIA’s vice president of government affairs.

The ruling on pilot programs took place on January 30 during an open meeting of the FCC.

“Facilitating the IP transition is one of the most significant steps the commission can take to affirmatively help promote broadband deployment and infrastructure investment while serving the public interest,” added TIA's Coffey.

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