Molex co-exhibiting at TU Automotive-Detroit with Excelfore, provider of cloud connectivity applications for intelligent transportation

June 8, 2017
Companies will present a live demonstration showcasing the capabilities of a fully functional 1 Gbps Ethernet backbone from Molex, in conjunction with Excelfore’s eSync over-the-air software updating and diagnostics systems. 

Photo: Google's self-driving car

Molex and Excelfore Corp., a Silicon Valley-based provider of cloud platform and connectivity applications for intelligent transportation, will be co-exhibiting in booth C233 at TU-Automotive Detroit 2017, taking place June 7-8 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. Now in its 17th year, TU-Automotive Detroit is among the largest and longest-running connected and autonomous car conference and expo events in the world.

Molex and strategic global collaborator Excelfore will present a live demonstration showcasing the flexibility and capabilities of a fully functional 1 Gbps Ethernet backbone from Molex in conjunction with the power and utility of Excelfore’s eSync over-the-air software updating and diagnostics systems. This flexible and customizable solution delivers seamless end-to-end integration across disparate hardware, software and legacy automotive protocols to meet the demands of tomorrow’s high-bandwidth technology trends.

High-speed in-vehicle network technologies are a top priority for leading automotive manufacturers, and our proven solutions can help them achieve their visions for the future,” said Dave Atkinson, business development director for connected mobility solutions, Molex. “Based on automotive-grade technology, our complete intelligent vehicle systems integrate the hardware, software and technical services needed to advance adoption of next-generation connected platforms.”

With the Molex In-Vehicle Network Solution, the demonstrated architecture introduces a high speed Ethernet bus that is also interoperable with legacy protocols such as CAN, LIN and FlexRay significantly simplifying vehicle cabling and reducing network complexity, cost and weight. Complexity is also reduced via the Molex Media Module, which offers full I/O integration, enabling passengers to access data from their smartphones and other consumer devices and display phone controls on the in-dash screen. Molex Media Module & Smart Charging products also enable fast and efficient charging of consumer devices.

The Excelfore eSync System allows users to safely and securely download software updates for any updatable element on the network. Cloud-based eSync Servers and the in-vehicle eSync Client and eSync Agents provide a secure path for over-the-air updates directly to multiple end devices in the vehicle, as well as diagnostics and telematics upstream to the cloud. In January 2017, Molex invested in Excelfore to expand its portfolio of I/O interconnect and module solutions serving a range of powertrain, networking, media module and lighting applications for the automotive and connected vehicle sector.

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