How the trade war and tariffs affect cabling professionals

July 12, 2018
A blog post from Belden’s Dwayne Crawford brings a close-to-home perspective to the ongoing trade war.

In a recent blog post, Belden’s Dwayne Crawford takes a close-to-home look at the trade war and tariffs that are making international-news and Wall Street headlines. “Let’s break down how these current and future actions are likely to impact your business,” he says, then does exactly that.

Among the key points in Crawford’s post are:

  • U.S.-levied tariffs on steel and aluminum have manifested in rising prices of racks and enclosures, which are largely made of these materials.
  • The steel and aluminum tariffs may also affect you if you work with coaxial cables (which use copper-cladded steel conductors and aluminum for shielding/braiding/armoring)
  • Tariffs on plastic molded parts can affect wall plates, connectors, and patch cords

The post also provides insight into other headwinds facing the industry, including inflation.

You can read the full blog post, titled “Things to Know About the Ongoing Trade Dispute,” here.

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