TIA announces newly elected leaders for engineering standards committees TR-42 and TR-42.12

April 12, 2018
TIA actively seeks participation in these projects from the user and general interest communities. 

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has announced the election of new chairs and vice-chairs to lead its engineering committees for two year terms.

Greg Sandels, distinguished member of technical staff at OFS Fitel LLC, will chair the TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Committee; and Henry Franc, premises and data center solutions specialist for Belden Inc., will serve as vice chair. The TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Committee sets voluntary industry standards for telecommunications cabling infrastructure.

Engineering committee TR-42 develops and maintains voluntary telecommunications standards for telecommunications cabling infrastructure in user-owned buildings, such as commercial buildings, residential buildings, homes, data centers and industrial buildings. The generic cabling topologies, design, distances and outlet configurations as well as specifics for these locations are addressed by the committee as well. The committee’s standards work covers requirements for copper and optical fiber cabling components, installation, and field testing in addition to the administration, pathways and spaces to support the cabling.

Further, TIA announced that Patrick Van Vickle, director of R&D and product design engineering at Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corporation, will chair the TR-42.12 Optical Fibers and Cables Subcommittee; and Roman Shubochkin, distinguished member of technical staff at OFS Fitel LLC, will serve as vice chair. The TR-42.12 Subcommittee on Optical Fibers and Cables develops and maintains standards and specifications for optical fibers of all types. These cables utilize optical fibers, test procedures and methods for fibers and cables, and terminology related to fibers and cables.

“TIA is proud to welcome Greg, Henry, Patrick and Roman as leaders of TIA’s engineering standards committees,” said TIA senior director of Standards and Program Development, Marianna Kramáriková. “TIA’s industry standards are incredibly important in an increasingly connected environment—we are grateful for the leadership, expertise and professionalism that Greg, Henry, Patrick and Roman will bring to this critical work.”

TIA actively seeks participation in these projects from the user and general interest communities. For more information, contact: Marta Soncodi, TIA Senior Manager of IoT Technology, at [email protected].

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