Surtec achieves third-party certification of Category 8 channel

May 30, 2018
The company used its field-termination plugs and keystone jacks, along with Draka cable, to achieve compliance with the latest ISO Category 8 standard.

Surtec recently unveiled a compliance statement from third-party certification lab Delta, confirming that a two-connector cabling channel including Surtec connecting hardware achieved compliance with the ISO’s Category 8 performance specifications.

The test lab Delta is a part of FORCE Technology, which is based in Denmark. According to Surtec, Delta tested a long channel—a 26-meter horizontal cable with 2 meters of cordage on each end—as well as a short channel—5 meters of cable with 1 meter of cordage on each end.

Delta’s compliance statement, which you can see here, states that the horizontal cable was Draka’s UC Future C22 Cat 8.2 solid cable, the cords were the same Draka cable with Surtec Category 8 field-termination plugs, and the connecting hardware at the interconnect/equipment outlet was the Surtec Category 8 keystone jack.

The compliance statement references the following cabling standards: ISO/IEC 11801-1: 2017 (Ed. 1.0), ISO/IEC 11801-5:2017 (Ed. 1.) and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1: 2016. It then states, “This product has been tested by FORCE Technology and complies with the electrical requirements of the above-specified standard and ‘Terms and conditions for the EC VERIFIED programme for Generic and Coaxial Cabling,’ DQP231006. The product takes part in a maintenance of certification schedule, which implies that FORCE Technology performs a sample test of the product once a year.”

The statement is signed by Dennis Andersen, certification department head and Lars Lindskov Pederson, test manager with Delta/FORCE Technology.

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